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Established in 2002, Jiangxi Taloya Technology Co.,Ltd is a leading LED lighting product manufacuturer who is dedicated in LED product development, manufacturing, sales and after-sales service in domestic and abroad.The company works in the ISO 9001 quality system and has received numerous prestigious awards. With 250 employees, 10000 m2 factory at its disposal and local govenment support, TALOYA got listed in "New Third Board" (National Equities Exchange and Quotations) of Chinese capital market and the stock code is 837854 on August 15th 2016.

By behaving the motto of " BE YOUR PARTNER" as the principles in the business relationship with the customers all around the world, TALOYA acquires good reputation and steady develppment in the LED industry. The logo of "TALOYA" has been registered in European countries which embarks the road map of the transition from OEM to ODM. The first foreign warehouse was successfully built in Barcelona, Spain with local partner's full support in December 2016. Subsequently, more and more oversea warehouses under the name of "TALOYA" will be accomplished.

HIGH COST-EFFECTIVE PRODUCTS DOMINATE THE MARKET, RELIABLE QUALITY PAVES THE FUTURE. Adhere to the principle of independent research and development, with mighty capital investment on the innovation of the extraordinary products as well as introducing fully automatic production line to enhance the output volume, TALOYA has been developing Chariots series LED FLOOD LIGHT, Magician series LED FLOOD LIGHT, STAR series LED down light and MOON series LED surface mounted panel light. All the series are private module, which help our exsiting partners bring booming sales due of its exclusive design on the apperance as well as the reliable power supply solution.

Taking the philosophy of "Being a reputable enterprise", TALOYA commits to providing high performance LED products and comprehensive support to our partners all around the world in every possible effort. JOIN US TO ACHIEIVE YOUR EXCELLENCE.



He believes strongly that “Teamwork is the key to win championships” and refers Team Taloya a big happy family.


ALLYVP of Sales

Ally is an achiever in every sense. She has been in global LED industry for a decade and managing the entire Taloya Sales Team all by herself for 8 years.



Got the best engineering mind that is responsible for some of the biggest innovations in the world of LEDs.