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TALOYA Stock Code-837854

In August 15th 2016, TALOYA successfully got listed in "New Third Board" (National Equities Exchange and Quotations) with stock code 837854. Without full support and help from our reliable partners, excellent teams and local govenment, it's impossible to make this great achievement. It further proves  the rightness of TALOYA's compnay philosophy "HIGH COST-EFFECTIVE PRODUCTS DOMINATE THE MARKET, RELIABLE QUALITY PAVES THE FUTURE".

The historic chapter is only a new beginning and brand fresh beginning to TALOYA people.  It encourages all TALOYA teams persist on independent research and development,  and as well deeply strengthen TALOYA's partners confidence on company's bright future.

In the following decades, TALOYA will continue invest heavily on R&D to ensure stable quality and technology leadership. Drastically improving the production processes and efficiency, Introducing fully automatic production equipments to greatly increase ouptut and decrease cost, Strengthening marketing team and set to launch the project of oversea warehouse establishment.

Join us to achieve your excellence.

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